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Pond and Water Garden Project Portfolio - Ponds, Streams and Waterfalls

A sampling of pond and water garden projects completed by J.C. Pryor. Click on photograph for a larger view.

pond in spring time pond in spring time koi in the pond
Spring time

Spring time

Koi in the pond


pond in winter 4 foot waterfall
Size comparison - 6 foot high fence and 128 pound pit bull. Winter time 4 foot wide waterfall, 4,500 G.P.H. pump, skimmer, bio filter, landscape lighting, plants installed.
pond set into deck Haron statue fountain raised pond with Chapel Stone
Existing hard liner pond set into deck. Installed a flexible liner which made the pond deeper. Built trap doors in the deck so I could install and hide the a skimmer, pump, U.V. light and bio filter. Submersible lighting installed. Made a fountain with the homeowner's haron statues, which made a nice center piece. Raised pond built using Hanover Building Products Chapel Stone wall stone.
raised 6 x 12 foot pond raised pond with water fall raised pond with water fall and fountain

Raised pond 6 x 12 foot running into 6 16 foot pond. Used Hanover Architectural Products.

Formal / Contemporary design Pond is equipped with skimmer, 4,500 G.P.H. pump, bio filter, submersible lights, 3 copper urns plumbed and turned into a fountain.
raised pond with fountain and landscaping

pond with waterfall

close up of waterfall
A relaxing seating area surrounding a raised pond with fountain designed for Hanover Relay of Life particpants and guests to enjoy. The pond with a waterfall makes this back yard patio setting relaxing. A close up of the waterfall
backyard patio beside pond Waterfall built into retaining wall Pond with waterfall
Backyard patio
beside a pond
built into retaining wall
Pond with waterfall
Pond Stones Pond with waterfall Pond with waterfall
Pond Stones Pond with waterfall Pond with waterfall
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